[TriEmbed] Electrical Contacts for free Lid

Michael Monaghan mike at chipworks.net
Fri Mar 5 13:07:30 CST 2021

Glen, those look like nice high current connectors.  I'll have to file
those for another project.

I'm looking for something more like you might find on a laptop battery.  A
fixed set of contacts on the wall of the hamper and some sort of spring
like (but not really spring containing) contacts to attach to the lid.
Think bent metal connector.  I just realized, I can picture the device, but
have no noun for it.  I think I need to find a connectors guide.

Thanks Glen!

On Fri, Mar 5, 2021 at 11:49 AM Glen Smith <mrglenasmith at gmail.com> wrote:

> Anderson Powerpole connectors would work pretty well in this situation, if
> I understand what you are describing. As long as the two parts have a good
> registration, Andersons will make positive contact and stay in place. They
> may be a little expensive, but having them in your arsenal of connectors is
> pretty valuable.
> On Fri, Mar 5, 2021, 11:16 AM Michael Monaghan via TriEmbed <
> triembed at triembed.org> wrote:
>> Hey everyone,
>> I'm working on my "learning project" and hoping someone has chased a
>> similar issue.  I'm looking for reliable electrical contact in a high
>> vibration environment.  Need 4 contacts.  Cost and spacing of contact are
>> blocking issues right now.
>> Design notes:
>>    - For a pet feeder with vibrator in the base to encourage kibbles to
>>    fall into dispensing scoop.
>>    - Lid is detachable, reversible, and wiggles in seated position until
>>    locked.  Increased pin spacing to avoid cross connection.  Pin order could
>>    resolve cross connection concerns.    Contacts on front and rear of base
>>    for reversed lid.
>>    - Lid vs hopper wall is roughly 90 degree angle.
>>    - Some sort of pressure on contact to avoid loss of contact during
>>    dispensing (vibration).  Reading of sensor is only done once per cycle
>>    while vibrator is off.
>>    - Target device is 3.3v rangefinder with 3.3v, gnd, SLA, SLC
>>    connections.
>>    - Contact on hopper should be flat against side to avoid abuse,
>>    accumulation during refill.
>>    - Finding $12 per contact solutions.  Would like sub dollar per
>>    contact.
>> I recall contacts in the lid of an older washing machine.  The lid had a
>> pair of copper pads and the base had two copper fingers those pads would
>> land on.  When installed, the fingers would bend slightly to ensure good
>> contact.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Mike
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