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Sun Nov 11 13:52:28 CST 2018

Hey Tadd,
If you’re talking 10 years ago time frame I’m guessing you’re referring to
the AmbientOrb. It was a device from an MIT group/project that signaled the
state of the weather, stock markets, etc... Here’s an article about that


There have been many of these types of devices launched as
products/kickstarters/DIY projects since then, in various incarnations. I’m
sure you can find examples on Hackster.io. Here’s one I built:

Also, here’s a more complete Rpi based tutorial:

The neopixel from Adafruit is great for this type of thing.

Hope this helps.

On Sun, Nov 11, 2018 at 9:32 AM Tadd Torborg via TriEmbed <
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> Once upon a time, possibly 10 years ago, I remember a device which looked
> like a light fixture that sat on a desk.  It lit up in color, after it
> found some token or cue on the Internet.  You could use it to show a
> weather alert, or i a certain web page did or did not responded to pings.
> I never bought one.  Now I need it for a ham radio project.
> What I want to do is have a Raspberry PI that is doing ham radio stuff
> (TARPN network communications, in this case) and have a light, possibly a
> blinking LED, in the living room of my house, that would indicate a message
> has been received via the ham radio TARPN network.  The Raspberry PI can
> have a file that is present or missing, or filled with some value or
> another, and the blinking light needs to use FTP or Telnet via WiFi to the
> Raspberry PI and query the file.  Alternatively I could have the Raspberry
> PI issue a telnet message to turn the light on or off.
> Something like this already exists.  Does anybody know where to get one?
> Thanks!
>    Tadd
> Tadd / KA2DEW
> http://tarpn.net
> Raleigh NC
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