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Tadd Torborg tadd at mac.com
Sun Nov 11 08:32:30 CST 2018

Once upon a time, possibly 10 years ago, I remember a device which looked like a light fixture that sat on a desk.  It lit up in color, after it found some token or cue on the Internet.  You could use it to show a weather alert, or i a certain web page did or did not responded to pings. 
I never bought one.  Now I need it for a ham radio project. 

What I want to do is have a Raspberry PI that is doing ham radio stuff (TARPN network communications, in this case) and have a light, possibly a blinking LED, in the living room of my house, that would indicate a message has been received via the ham radio TARPN network.  The Raspberry PI can have a file that is present or missing, or filled with some value or another, and the blinking light needs to use FTP or Telnet via WiFi to the Raspberry PI and query the file.  Alternatively I could have the Raspberry PI issue a telnet message to turn the light on or off.  

Something like this already exists.  Does anybody know where to get one?  


Tadd / KA2DEW
http://tarpn.net <http://tarpn.net/>
Raleigh NC

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