[TriEmbed] kicad footprints and 3d models

Pete Soper pete at soper.us
Fri Feb 24 14:13:15 CST 2017

wget -r is pretty handy for this kind of thing. :-)

Glad that there's progress!

  I noticed the same thing about the mouse wheel. It's worth noting that 
the zoom is relative to where the mouse pointer is, and this works with 
Eagle too. But with KiCad when the zoom-in starts the area under the 
mouse pointer is moved to the center of the screen so you can zoom in as 
far as you want. Here's an example where (in my opinion) KiCad behavior 
is clearly superior.


On 02/24/2017 02:36 PM, Alex Davis via TriEmbed wrote:
> Here's a large collection of footprints and models for KiCad:
> http://smisioto.no-ip.org/elettronica/kicad/kicad-en.htm
> You have to download each one individually. Unzip them someplace and
> then use the footprint editor <Append with Wizard> function to import
> them.
> I am slowly getting the hang of KiCad. One extremely useful thing I have
> found is that you really need a scroll wheel mouse to be productive. The
> scroll wheel lets you zoom in and out, centered on your cursor, which is
> very useful as I don't think there's a "grab" shortcut to move the view
> on the schematic or PCB editor.
> Alex

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