[TriEmbed] kicad footprints and 3d models

Brian triembed at undecidedgames.net
Fri Feb 24 14:45:59 CST 2017

On 02/24/2017 02:36 PM, Alex Davis via TriEmbed wrote:

> I don't think there's a "grab" shortcut to move the view
> on the schematic or PCB editor.

Middle-mouse-button drag to pan the view in both editors.

For most scroll mice where the scroll wheel also functions as the middle 
button, it can take some practice to click without scrolling...

Also, IMHO, zoom centered on the cursor is the only correct way! 
Re-centering the view is visually jarring and hurts the ability to pan 
via zoom out/in.  It's an option in KiCAD to re-center on zoom, and I 
always turn it off.  (Sorry, Pete!  Agree to disagree? ;-) )


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