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N-MOSFET or N-channel metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor uses gate voltage to deplete charge under polysilicon gate for current to flow from source to drain.

NPN or bipolar transistor uses current injected into base for electrons to flow from collector to emitter and is a completely different beast.

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Pete is 100% correct.
The intention is get them acquainted with standard symbols. In the case of the N-MOSFET it's to help them see it is more than a NPN transistor in a thick case. The other comments made about this topic have been helpful...they all go into my notebook.


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> I'm pretty sure about 70% of Brian's interest in this subject involves 
> dealing with inductive loads. The body diode in the schematic symbol 
> is a merciful hint.  If his kids can remember that the lack of a body 
> diode is a red flag they might avoid blowing up their BJTs or adding 
> redundant components.

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