[TriEmbed] N-MOSFET Symbol

Grawburg grawburg at myglnc.com
Thu Mar 10 07:31:39 CST 2016

Pete is 100% correct.
The intention is get them acquainted with standard symbols. In the case of the N-MOSFET it's to help them see it is
more than a NPN transistor in a thick case.  
The other comments made about this topic have been helpful...they all go into my notebook.


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> I'm pretty sure about 70% of Brian's interest in this subject involves 
> dealing with inductive loads. The body diode in the schematic symbol is 
> a merciful hint.  If his kids can remember that the lack of a body diode 
> is a red flag they might avoid blowing up their BJTs or adding redundant 
> components.

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