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Sat Dec 5 09:41:01 CST 2015

I think using an H-Bridge (there is a board for the Pi) is the route I'm going to take, primarily because it introduces me to something new.
Since I'm already using an I/O port expander I've got plenty of GPIO pins and a little extra isolation.
Thanks to everyone's input.  Using a couple of relays is being filed away for another project.

Much appreciation,

Brian Grawburg

BTW: Which e-mail protocol is favored: Original comment first followed by answer/response, or as I have it here?

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Good evening Brian,

I think you'll find an H-Bridge to be the best solution from an availability standpoint (used to drive stepper motors and DC brushed/brushless motors), the inherent lockout design (keeps you from shorting your supply bus), and the isolation necessary between your 12 volt power supply and your controller circuitry. Oh, did I mention the good H-Bridges limit current?

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