[TriEmbed] good news bad news

Pete Soper pete at soper.us
Thu Jan 16 12:16:34 CST 2014

The good news is that I got Gene Kahn's Nikon microscope with Sony 
camera tied into a computer using a Pinnacle adapter and software. 
There's an example of the view it gives at the URL below. That's the 
0603 resistor we were looking at Monday night on a .1x.1mm grid. This 
will be a fabulous tool.

The bad news is it needs to be used soon, as the desktop recording 
failed Monday night, so we've got Charlie's video but no "slides." 
Charlie gave me the video file and I'll attempt to add some "slides" 
similar to what we looked at Monday via an editor and get the result 
onto Youtube.

But I've got something else on my plate and can't make this happen 
quickly. Very sorry for the inconvenience.



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