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Pete, I enjoyed your presentation and the associated discussions. So much
good information is exchanged during the discussions. Charles, thank you
for the information about ATtiny resonator calibration for SoftwareSerial.

In a side discussion, Glen Smith was showing off a Moteino (mini Arduino
with wireless and 4Mbit flash in a DIP package $25) from Low Power Lab.
They also have some great wireless and automation projects on their blog.
When I was talking with Glen about the Moteino, I was confusing Low Power
Lab with another company who has a Low Power Arduino Library (link below)
and modules that can sleep at single digit uAmps. It turns out I was
thinking about Rocket Scream. They have some cool products, including the
Reflow Toaster Oven Controller!

Rocket Scream also has a nice tutorial on how they hand assemble surface
mount boards, with tips on using paste stencil. Pete, I didn't know if you
had seen how they level and hold the board to secure the stencil.

Rocket Scream reminded me that I wrote up some notes about reducing voltage
divider power that I never shared. I am trying to start writing and sharing
notes on some of my projects and would appreciate any feedback. Below is my
post on power conservation. Writing and posting is a new thing for me so I
am not sure everything is working like I expect., it could be all wacky.

I got into a side discussion with Alan Wiggs about PCB drilling and a
project that used a webcam to calibrate for a rotated pcb and translate the
drill file to compensate. Here are the relevant links in case anyone else
is interested. The first part is just the matrix math for the translation,
the cool demo is in the second part.

Rodney Radford asked about the TinyG (four axis, CNC driver, 2.5A per coil,
and controller, ATxMega192, $129). One of the cool things is it's 3rd order
S curves to maximize the speed you can get from your system.

Finally, Glen, thanks for the power supply. I have an application that I
would like to try with two in series for 59V at 10A (the spec sheet says
you can put them in series or parallel). How about $20 for a second one
plus another $15 for the one I got from you last night? I understand about
needed to clear stuff out but worry that $5 was just too low.

Have a great evening!

On Sun, Jan 12, 2014 at 8:48 AM, Pete Soper <pete at soper.us> wrote:

> The next meeting of the Triangle Embedded computing interest group will be
> in room 1021 of Engineering building TWO (note the change of building and
> room) on Monday the 13th at 7-9pm.
> The meeting will start with open announcements, followed by a short
> presentation about designing and assembling custom PCBs, followed by the
> usual discussions and show and tells. Help for beginners is available at
> every meeting. Bring your gadgets and gizmos and cool ideas to share!
> There's parking on Oval drive in front of the building as well as two
> parking decks on Partner's Way.
> Details and map links are here:
> http://TriEmbed.org
> This meeting room/building is booked through May and we'll hopefully be
> able to book it through the summer this spring.
> NCSU Students, Faculty and Staff: There is an urgent need for school
> representatives. Volunteers only need to attend and be the designated
> contact to satisfy NCSU requirements for a given meeting. If you can help
> please drop me a line with your contact info and what month(s) you can
> attend and represent the school.
> If we can't meet this need it won't be possible to continue with meetings
> at NCSU.
> -Pete
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