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Pete and all,

Sorry I will miss tonight’s meeting as I am very interested in the topic.  I look forward to watching the video of the session.  I just got my first Oshpark board in the mail today so this is a timely topic.  

I have one suggestion for a future meeting which I will call software engineering and then explain what I mean.  As the sketches I write become more complex, I am running into some problems that may be of general interest:
	- When should I take functionality from the main body of the program to a function? to a library?
	- What is the best way to store and maintain the base functionality versus branches or forks.  For example, I write a wireless sensor sketch with one implementation for a temperature sensor and another for an accelerometer?
	- When there are several libraries that offer similar functionality, what is the best way to determine which to use?  Don’t expect a strict protocol here but would be interested in rules of thumb.
	- How do I handle the substitution of libraries for different target platforms.  For example, I had to substitute the TinyWireM library for Wire when I moved to an ATTiny and needed an I2C library - a real pain.
	- Should I be using a repository like Github and, if so, how is Github best used?
	- Are there some things I should do to make my code more compact or efficient once I have it working as expected - something like readability vs efficiency in code?
	- Also, in reading this article about the security of embedded systems - are there some security best practices for Arduino?
If all this is too basic or has been covered, I apologize but wanted to throw out my suggestion in case there is a call for future agenda topics tonight.

I am sorry I will mis tonight’s meeting - I look forward to the next and thank you all again for your help and support.


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> The next meeting of the Triangle Embedded computing interest group will 
> be in room 1021 of Engineering building TWO (note the change of building 
> and room) on Monday the 13th at 7-9pm.
> The meeting will start with open announcements, followed by a short 
> presentation about designing and assembling custom PCBs, followed by the 
> usual discussions and show and tells. Help for beginners is available at 
> every meeting. Bring your gadgets and gizmos and cool ideas to share!
> There's parking on Oval drive in front of the building as well as two 
> parking decks on Partner's Way.
> Details and map links are here:
> http://TriEmbed.org
> This meeting room/building is booked through May and we'll hopefully be 
> able to book it through the summer this spring.
> NCSU Students, Faculty and Staff: There is an urgent need for school 
> representatives. Volunteers only need to attend and be the designated 
> contact to satisfy NCSU requirements for a given meeting. If you can 
> help please drop me a line with your contact info and what month(s) you 
> can attend and represent the school.
> If we can't meet this need it won't be possible to continue with 
> meetings at NCSU.
> -Pete
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