[TriEmbed] ECE Senior Design Day is on WED, April 23rd (msg from Greg Dunko of NCSU)

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Tue Apr 8 15:07:58 CDT 2014

(The email list robot would not post Greg's msg 'cause it had a couple 
hundred "to" addresses instead of the traditional "bcc", so I've trimmed 
that off his msg below. I attended this last year and found it was well 
worth the time!)

ECE Senior Design Day is on WED, April 23rd
Gregory Dunko <gadunko at n c s u.edu>
04/08/2014 02:52 PM

Hello Friends of ECE,

I wanted to share with you that we will be holding our end of the 
semester Senior Design Day for Electrical and Computer Engineering on 
Wednesday, April 23rd from 2:00 - 4:00PM at the Talley Student Center on 
main campus.  Please see the link below for more information (including 
directions and parking).

This year, design day will be held in conjunction with Industrial and 
Systems Engineering (ISE), Textile Engineering Chemistry and Science 
(TECS), and the Engineering Entrepreneurs Program (EEP). Of course ECE 
will be the most interesting ;)

ECE will feature the following projects:

  * Autonomous Mower Navigation System
  * Autonomous Mower Drive System
  * NI\Adidas Knee Brace
  * Neverlost Dental Fixture
  * GPS Antenna Pattern Acquisition System
  * 3D Full Body Scanner for Hunt Library
  * WiFi Enabled Pressure Sensor
  * 3D Audio Strip and Player
  * Application Configurable Hardware
  * Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Diagnostic Receptacle
  * SLAM System for SWARM Robot Navigation
  * Bluetooth Enables Illuminated Hoodie
  * High Voltage Dielectric Breakdown Tester
  * Rehabilitation Monitor Device for Gait Analysis
  * Elephant Tracking Collar
  * End to End TCP Tunnel
  * NC State Microgrid Assessment
  * Low Power RFID Chip Design
  * Smart Neural Interface System
  * Moth Flight Analysis System
  * Quadcopter Controller

I hope you have the opportunity to come by and see all of the amazing 
things the students have come up with.


Greg Dunko
Director of ECE Design Center
North Carolina State University

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