[TriEmbed] Using SPI / Various Microcomputer boards

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Wed Apr 2 16:59:46 CDT 2014

Re: Arduino, please feel free to use any material from
http://ArduinoInfo.Info  Maybe:


Have fun! Terry

>> Along these lines I'm thinking the upcoming meeting ought to double
back to a theme we've covered periodically, which is how to get off
square one with some of the common single board computer systems and
bare chip setups. We could think of this as an "install fest" where by
we actually mean "getting my lights to blink on my board X" and "lights"
might be LEDs, a turning motor, sensor samples, etc, and "board X" might
be a standard Arduino, a Raspberry Pi, Beagle Board, etc, or standalone
chip scenario.

 Perhaps we could start with a series of lightning talks to
 introduce/demonstrate one of the above combos/scenarios and then after
 the lightning talks we could break up into sessions where folks can get
 more demos and hands on opportunities relevant to their needs.

> Comments?
> -Pete

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