[TriEmbed] DIY REFLOW OVEN : 10 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

Brian triembed at undecidedgames.net
Thu Mar 18 22:02:59 CDT 2021

On 3/18/21 8:26 PM, Phillip Rhodes via TriEmbed wrote:
> maybe tracking the
> recommended temperature profile *perfectly* just isn't that big a
> deal, especially for hobbyist stuff.

This.  I reflow in an off-the-shelf unmodified toaster oven I picked up 
at Walmart or Target, I forget which, for $30.  I put the board in, turn 
it on on "high" (so that top and bottom elements are on), and just peer 
in the glass with a Maglite until I see everything reflow.  Then I give 
it another 10-15 seconds, turn it off, and open the door.  I've never 
had a board fail for any reflow-profile-related reason, and I've 
probably run fifty boards, give or take (probably a decent 
hobbyist-level number).  A nifty project?  Absolutely!  Necessary for 
hobbyist-level success?  Not at all.


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