[TriEmbed] Micropython and LVGL on ESP32?

Michael Fulbright mike.fulbright at pobox.com
Wed Mar 3 16:44:09 CST 2021

Managed to get some progress by checking out the v1.14 merge of 
lv_micropython instead of the head of master.

Have BLE and the TFT/touchscreen working with micropython though BLE is 
somewhat unreliable (operations sometimes timeout) compared to using 
plain micropython without lvgl bindings.  Not sure if there is a 
correlation or not.

Certainly interesting to do this in python instead of C but not sure it 
is quite baked yet.

Michael  Fulbright

On 3/3/21 12:02 PM, Michael Fulbright via TriEmbed wrote:
> I've been trying to build micropython 1.14 with LVGL bindings using 
> lv_micropython and just get lots of compiler errors making me thing I 
> have some pieces that are out of sync.
> I followed the instructions here:
> https://github.com/lvgl/lv_micropython
> I got a firmware built using the ESP-IDF 3.x git hash they recommend 
> using but BLE is not working with that reliably.
> So I switched the the ESP-IDF 4.x hash and it is just been a mess.
> Wondering if anyone knows more about this build process and/or are 
> using BLE and LVGL with microython on 7the ESP32.
> It was fun getting the BLE part of the project up and running with 
> micropython I'd love to be able to get the TFT working too.
> Michael Fulbright
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