[TriEmbed] Micropython and LVGL on ESP32?

Michael Fulbright mike.fulbright at pobox.com
Wed Mar 3 11:02:12 CST 2021

I've been trying to build micropython 1.14 with LVGL bindings using 
lv_micropython and just get lots of compiler errors making me thing I 
have some pieces that are out of sync.

I followed the instructions here:


I got a firmware built using the ESP-IDF 3.x git hash they recommend 
using but BLE is not working with that reliably.

So I switched the the ESP-IDF 4.x hash and it is just been a mess.

Wondering if anyone knows more about this build process and/or are using 
BLE and LVGL with microython on 7the ESP32.

It was fun getting the BLE part of the project up and running with 
micropython I'd love to be able to get the TFT working too.

Michael Fulbright

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