[TriEmbed] Power and the obtaining of it.

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Thanks, Nick

I'll look into this. Where did you get the item that's in the photo? Does
it have a model number?
I will probably need to use a +-12 volt supply, +-15 may be a little too


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> I did some looking into what I have for dual supplies.  Testing one of the
> bust boot converters with a 5v input it seemed to give me a nice
> symmetrical +- 15 on the output, unloaded it is clean and is adjustable.  A
> picture should be enclosed.
> I have taken to using this particular unit to provide Artesyn
> NFC40-24TO5-15
> <https://www.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/pdf/156782/ARTESYN/NFC40-24T05-15-M.html>
> isolated DC/DC, the units It needs about 30v  on the volt input give +5
> and +-15v on the very clean output. Isolated but with a small adjustment
> range.
> If it helps I have spares of both the DC/DC.
> Nick
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