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Heh the best thing I tried with the Raspberry  Pi this week is the
Raspcontroller App, It works like a charm you can ssh into your pi with it,
watch a camera or turn a GPIO pin on or off
extremely;y easy to use 👍😁
Regards, Jim Cotter

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> Sorry for the commercial SPAM, but some on this list are very into retro
> gaming and it's getting harder and harder to keep the old gear going. (e.g.
> I wonder if my daughter's original Nintendo still runs? She's 24 but I give
> it even odds!) Barnes and Noble might stock this mag locally.
> If anybody wants help with the how-to of it just holler.
> Dec 7, 2021 6:10:08 AM Raspberry Pi Press <books at raspberrypi.com>:
> Get it in print or download to your device today
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> version of our retro gaming guide. In this 164-page book, you’ll learn how
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> and emulate classic computers and consoles.
>    - Play classic games again with Raspberry Pi
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>    - Code your own retro classics with Python
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> [image: Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi 2nd Edition]
> <https://rpipress.us8.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e31349e35c9c4dfb8bdf10e69&id=0b7e3b9d6b&e=0dda446e84>
> Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi 2nd Edition
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> 164 pages of retro goodness:
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