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> [image: image.png] <https://trilug.org/> * TriLUG just posted the
> following announcement:*
> TriLUGers, and friends, Unite!  The time for our world famous Xmas party
> is almost upon us! And this year it happens on December the 9th!
> Ring in the end of the year with TriLUG! Our annual Holiday Party is a
> great time of delicious food, cool demos, and socializing with other FOSS
> enthusiasts.  As a tradition passed down by generations dictates, we invite
> YOU to join your fellow TriLUG members and not only enjoy our delicious
> banquet but also show off any interesting projects, tips and just Linux fun
> that you want to share.
> Demos or presentations of all kinds are welcome. It can be as simple as a
> cool piece of software you found on the Net, or as complicated as a 3-D
> printed electronic Halloween costume.

Scott G. Hall
Raleigh, NC, USA
scottghall1 at gmail.com
*Although kindness is rarely a job, no matter what you do it's always an
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