[TriEmbed] TriLUG Annual Holiday Science Fair and Party

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Fri Dec 3 10:45:28 CST 2021

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TriLUGers, and friends, Unite!  The time for our world famous Xmas party is
almost upon us! And this year it happens on December the 9th!
Ring in the end of the year with TriLUG! Our annual Holiday Party is a
great time of delicious food, cool demos, and socializing with other FOSS
enthusiasts.  As a tradition passed down by generations dictates, we invite
YOU to join your fellow TriLUG members and not only enjoy our delicious
banquet but also show off any interesting projects, tips and just Linux fun
that you want to share.

Demos or presentations of all kinds are welcome. It can be as simple as a
cool piece of software you found on the Net, or as complicated as a 3-D
printed electronic Halloween costume.
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