[TriEmbed] Article: Elektor Magazine: Infineon for Makers Means Arduino Shields 4U

Pete Soper pete at soper.us
Fri Oct 18 11:03:55 CDT 2019

Holy guacamole, the Euro is under 90 cents. I guess I've been under a 
rock (only pay attention to the UK pound). The last time I noticed the 
Euro this low was in Germany about 15 years ago. So the Infineon temp 
sensor board is roughly $8.90, about two dollars less than what Digikey 
wants for the chip on that board. Shipping is with a "standard rate" of 
around $4.45. What's the lead time of their standard shipping, Scott?


On 10/18/19 11:27 AM, Scott Hall via TriEmbed wrote:
> /Infineon for Makers Means Arduino Shields 4U 
> <https://www.elektormagazine.com/news/infineon-for-makers?utm_source=Elektor+International+%28English%29>/
> /Infineon for Makers means Arduino-compatible shields and shields2go 
> to evaluate BLDC motor drivers, LED drivers, XMC microcontrollers 
> MCUs, and much more./
> <goog_980625353>
> https://www.elektormagazine.com/news/infineon-for-makers?utm_source=Elektor+International+%28English%29
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