[TriEmbed] Drone delivery by UPS here first

Pete Soper pete at soper.us
Wed Mar 27 13:29:18 CDT 2019

I heard they're being careful to ensure the flying cars  don't look like
drones in case somebody has a shot gun. :-)


On 3/27/19 2:25 PM, Gregg Tracton via TriEmbed wrote:
> Flying cars DO exist.  Not only is New Zealand starting a bulk taxi
> service over
> the mountains, but at least 6 other vendors have them in the pipelines,
> with 3 for sale right now.
> One vendor has a runway/car version for sale now (flies, plus wings
> fold back
> to make it street legal, uses car gas),
> and is developing a VTOL (vertical takeoff/landing) due out in about a
> year.
> TODAY: you can ride 30 miles for ~$250 in many large cities.
> Although that's out of most budgets,  it's perfect for executives,
> emergencies (transplant organs), and tourists, and competes with heli
> costs.
> The amazing thing about many of these is that most are fully- or
> semi-automated,
> that is, only 3 hours to learn to fly some; 0 hours of training in others
> (awaiting FAA clearance).
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