[TriEmbed] Drone delivery by UPS here first

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Wed Mar 27 13:25:17 CDT 2019

Flying cars DO exist.  Not only is New Zealand starting a bulk taxi service
the mountains, but at least 6 other vendors have them in the pipelines,
with 3 for sale right now.
One vendor has a runway/car version for sale now (flies, plus wings fold
to make it street legal, uses car gas),
and is developing a VTOL (vertical takeoff/landing) due out in about a year.
TODAY: you can ride 30 miles for ~$250 in many large cities.
Although that's out of most budgets,  it's perfect for executives,
emergencies (transplant organs), and tourists, and competes with heli costs.
The amazing thing about many of these is that most are fully- or
that is, only 3 hours to learn to fly some; 0 hours of training in others
(awaiting FAA clearance).

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> On 3/27/19 9:19 AM, John Vaughters via TriEmbed wrote:
> >
> > You can't fix stupid! `,~)
> and
> > Why do we not have flying cars?
> I say the former answers the latter perfectly.  People have a hard
> enough time piloting a high-speed vehicle with only two dimensions to
> worry about!
> As far as general-purpose drone delivery, I'm a skeptic too.  Maybe a
> UPS driver wouldn't stand up to a thief, but a drone definitely
> wouldn't.  All it would take is a sturdy net...
> -B
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