[TriEmbed] Intellectual and technical debt and machine learning cautionary article

Pete Soper pete at soper.us
Sat Jul 27 14:10:30 CDT 2019

Reading the article below my first reaction was "so it isn't just me", 
as, many years ago, when a buddy at Motorola Research was describing his 
study of neural networks relating to making smart car technology, the 
"inside" of the network was a black box and in the decades since I 
haven't found any explanation of how they work that doesn't boil down to 
another figurative black box as far as the mappings of inputs to outputs 
for a particular pattern recognition use case after training sessions.

So I was relieved to find the inner workings of machine learning (ML) 
systems can be just as impenetrable to others while also being 
distressed to read about a cat being declared guacamole after (human-) 
indiscernible changes to image files as described in the article.

The two major topics that are explored, intellectual and technical debt, 
seem like the kind TriEmbed folks may find interesting both generally 
and in regards to ML.



PS Yesterday Dan Stipe and I were marveling at a technical book offer by 
Amazon for the low low price of $4800 plus $3.99 shipping. Now I 
understand where this may have come from!!

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