[TriEmbed] RPI lead time update from Newark

John Vaughters jvaughters04 at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 5 08:09:13 CDT 2019

 >While I have interest in grabbing two of the 4GB ones I wonder
>if I should wait until a few are in the wild and people had time to
>make it go through its paces.
I think it's safe to buy one now, most likely the changes will be software, since they are pretty much using a new 64 bit OS and speaking on experience, there are improvements needed in the 64 bit arena and RPi4 is going to drive those changes. I would be buying a 4GB version right now if I did not already buy a Rock64 4GB, which I like very much BTW. But still, RPi is always better because of the vast amount of specific support, where as the other devices that have been out for a while actually are great hardware, probably better than RPi, but if time is your driver... RPi is the best.

John Vaughters
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