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there actually is... System C for FPGA development... but most program in
VHDL or Verilog. It's really a matter of configuring an environment and
then understanding the parallelism.


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> I might have to pick one up.
> (I'm certain people on this list know *way* more about this topic than I,
> so pardon my ignorance )
> Unfortunately,  there is no equivalent to gcc or clang for fpgas that I'm
> aware of. Altera and Xilinx license 3rd party tools, that they have free as
> in beer community editions that are usually  limited in aome sense.
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> While we're waiting for the self-driving car Arduino shield, this
> SAMD21D-based Arduino with an FPGA is around the corner:
> https://store.arduino.cc/arduino-vidor-4000
> It appears it has an Intel (formerly Altera) Cyclone 10 LP
> <https://www.altera.com/products/fpga/cyclone-series/cyclone-10.html>
> FPGA, specifically the 10CL016.
> My presumption is that the Arduino folks *might* make the programming of
> this FPGA more accessible to nonprofessionals via integration or at least
> how-tos to make the FPGA tool chain easier to use.  It's apparently going
> on sale on the 15th.
> -Pete
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