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Jon Wolfe jonjwolfe at anibit.com
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I might have to pick one up.(I'm certain people on this list know *way* more about this topic than I, so pardon my ignorance )
Unfortunately,  there is no equivalent to gcc or clang for fpgas that I'm aware of. Altera and Xilinx license 3rd party tools, that they have free as in beer community editions that are usually  limited in aome sense.

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    While we're waiting for the self-driving car Arduino shield, this
    SAMD21D-based Arduino with an FPGA is around the corner: 



    It appears it has an Intel (formerly Altera) Cyclone
      10 LP  FPGA, specifically the 10CL016.


    My presumption is that the Arduino folks might make the
    programming of this FPGA more accessible to nonprofessionals via
    integration or at least how-tos to make the FPGA tool chain easier
    to use.  It's apparently going on sale on the 15th.




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