[TriEmbed] TriEmbed Digest, Vol 57, Issue 5

Alex Davis alexd at matrixwide.com
Mon Feb 12 16:38:17 CST 2018

> I'm sorry the group isn't large enough or engaged or whatever to help 
> with the Teensy 3.5 sleep question. I have an "OSH Park Teensy 3.2" but 
> haven't had a chance to touch it. EEVblog forum and electronic stack 
> exchange would be my next stop in your shoes.

No problem, I am pretty sure I have a solution at hand with my M0.

> Hope to see everybody Monday. If there was a meeting notice it would 
> include the fact that I'm going to do a 15 minute slide thing to reduce 
> various mysteries about AVR flash memory. We can wire up a flash bang to 
> a timer that I can only disable by getting the hell away from the podium 
> at the 15 minute mark so there's plenty of yack and free form sharing time.
> -Pete

I won’t be able to make tonight’s meeting. Is there any videoconferencing tool that works through the limitations of the NCSU guest network?

I have tried google’s youtube live video streaming during the meeting, and it did not work. Does Google Hangouts work? You will NEVER get me to put real information into a Google+ (or any Google product) account, but if you don’t mind dealing with an alias it could work for me.

Are there any “shared workspaces” in Raleigh with decent, free wi-fi willing to donate a few hours a month to us?


PS I will not be attending this year’s RARSFest in any official capacity. I might get my own table, however. Anyone interested in sharing a table?

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