[TriEmbed] ATSAMD21G18 or Arduino Zero interrupts

Alex Davis alexd at matrixwide.com
Tue Nov 7 07:15:01 CST 2017

Anyone use the ATSAMD21G18 M0 aka Arduino Zero or Adafruit Feather M0? I’m having issues with getting more than one interrupt attached using the Arduino IDE.

Basically, I need the thing to sleep and be woken up by either having my LIS3DH accelerometer raise a pin (based on a threshold) or by the user pressing a button. I can get one or the other working but not both. If I try to attach a second interrupt, even after having detached the first, I get a hard crash.

The Adafruit forums haven’t been any help. Most likely this is going to require actual setting of registers by hand, but does anyone have any M0 interrupt experience?

By the way, I did consider using something like a 32u4 (which I know would work regarding interrupts), but the issue is in the feather form factor, it doesn’t have interrupt capable pins assigned to the buttons on the Feather OLED/button shield I’d like to use. Also, 32u4 lacks an integral RTC, and I don’t want to stack another shield as that would make it un-wearable.

Maybe I need to get an actual Arduino Zero with a JTAG header and buy something like a Segger J-Link.

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