[TriEmbed] Choosing between ceramic and tantalum capacitors

Brian triembed at undecidedgames.net
Wed Mar 29 12:49:54 CDT 2017

An interesting read, but I'd call it poorly-titled; a better title might 
be "Extolling the Virtues of MLCCs".  Unless I skimmed over something, I 
saw nothing of value describing when one might actually want to opt for 
a tantalum cap instead of ceramic.  One possible case would be 
high-vibration applications where the piezoelectric nature of ceramic 
dielectrics might cause problems.

My $0.02,

On 03/29/2017 10:56 AM, Phillip Rhodes via TriEmbed wrote:
> Found this, thought some folks might find it useful.
> http://www.dataweek.co.za/news.aspx?pklnewsid=27008
> Phil
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