[TriEmbed] RARSfest 2016

Pete Soper pete at soper.us
Tue Feb 9 14:59:46 CST 2016

Hi Alex,
Hi Alex,

By happy coincidence I got the paperwork from the organizers over the 
weekend and brought this up last night at the meeting.

Last year we had a group of tables hosted by Maniacal Labs (i.e. Adam 
Haile and Dan Ternes), TriEmbed, Anibit (i.e. Jon Wolfe), and Splatspace 
(Scott Hall, Shaw Terwilliger, Sarah Stack, and others). Five or six 
tables total, but we were a bit cramped.  There was a terrific crowd 
during the day and a lot of handouts were dispensed.

I recommend we do it again. Apart from getting the word out, Scott Hall 
jump started a lot of people with soldering and I'm sure he'd be very 
happy to have help with that. It's a truly excellent way to get rid of 
nerd-surplus (or sell it and use the cash to buy more!)

Again, I have the paperwork from the organizers and would be happy to 
arrange for the tables and electrical power. If we get our order in 
early we can hopefully get a location closer to the center.


On 02/09/2016 03:22 PM, Alex Davis via TriEmbed wrote:
> Anyone interested in going to or sharing a table at RARSfest 2016? It's
> 4/2 this year. More info here: http://www.rars.org/rarsfest/
> I'm guessing most people here are familiar.
> It's $8 to get in and $18 for the table.
> Pros of table:
> - preview who has what the day before
> - buy/sell before the public gets let in
> - profit???
> Cons of table:
> - take turns sitting at it
> - additional cost (but not much if split)
> - drag back home what does not sell, or try to give it away
> Alternatively, do we already have or can we set up an available/wanted
> list?
> Alex

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