[TriEmbed] dumb question about mbed and external libraries

Alex Davis alexd at matrixwide.com
Fri Apr 22 10:06:51 CDT 2016

> As an aside, the library called "FreeRTOS" does compile properly with
> the "day one" example from the recent FreeRTOS class. There's another
> version "FreeRTOS_V8_2_1" which appears tied to a specific dev board and
> failed on a missing config.h file.

As a follow up on this, library "FreeRTOS" is V7. I figured this out
when the compiler threw an error on "SemaphoreHandle_t", which was
changed from "xSemaphoreHandle" in V7.

Back to FreeRTOS_V8_2_1 library, I got this working by creating a
myBoardInit.h and placing it in my project root. I found an example
online and added my board like this:

#define ST_MBED_NUCLEOL476RG          80//add new board here

(source online

A simple LED blinking project using a FreeRTOS task compiles and the LED
flashes as expected, so I guess "FreeRTOS_V8_2_1" library works. No idea
yet, though, if myBoardInit.h info is actually referenced elsewhere.

The Nucleo boards don't have much for user LEDs. There's just one wired
to "D13" or "PA_5". I soldered-up up an Arduino-style protoshield with 3
LEDs and 3 momentary buttons. This should give me enough to visualize
some simple RTOS concepts.

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