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Robert Gasiorowski rgresume at gmail.com
Thu Apr 14 13:52:10 CDT 2016

Keep in mind that Energia is suppose to make programming very easy, so they
are trying to keep balance between complexity of RTOS and easy of use.

I will be meeting with Robert Wessels (father of Energia) next month in
Dallas, so if you have any comments about Energia MT, I will be more than
happy to pass them on.


On Thu, Apr 14, 2016 at 2:26 PM, Pete Soper via TriEmbed <
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> Alex,
>    That multiblink Energia example sketch is very cute, but when I started
> to play with the "Energia MultiTasking" feature I found it to be generally
> useless. It's a novelty. One only has to go to the energia.nu description
> page where they say " Interprocess communication can easily be done by
> using global variables" to see how messed up this is. There are zero
> task-related primitives available. I thought "OK, I'll make the globals
> usable for communication" and I made a trivial spin lock implementation to
> enable this. Except nobody got around to implementing interrupts() and
> noInterrupts(). I spent a while rummaging through the sources and found a
> very low level routine that might do the job, but then I realized what a
> perfect rat hole I was in. There was an issue filed about this in July of
> last year (#675) and I may add a remark.
>   But this is moaning about a feature I had only been vaguely aware of,
> and so as far as I'm concerned the MT examples are really hints about the
> fact that (I think) the entire TI RTOS is sitting inside the Energia
> runtime, and that may be relatively easy to use at some point.
>   Vanilla sketches with the MSP432 seem to work fine and Energia ought to
> provide lots of fun for folks exploring their boards. But I'm popping my
> stack and going back to exploration of FreeRTOS via the mbed/export/gcc
> path.
> -Pete
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