[TriEmbed] EMT: Fergetaboutit Re: Energia MSP432

Pete Soper pete at soper.us
Thu Apr 14 13:26:14 CDT 2016

    That multiblink Energia example sketch is very cute, but when I 
started to play with the "Energia MultiTasking" feature I found it to be 
generally useless. It's a novelty. One only has to go to the energia.nu 
description page where they say " Interprocess communication can easily 
be done by using global variables" to see how messed up this is. There 
are zero task-related primitives available. I thought "OK, I'll make the 
globals usable for communication" and I made a trivial spin lock 
implementation to enable this. Except nobody got around to implementing 
interrupts() and noInterrupts(). I spent a while rummaging through the 
sources and found a very low level routine that might do the job, but 
then I realized what a perfect rat hole I was in. There was an issue 
filed about this in July of last year (#675) and I may add a remark.
   But this is moaning about a feature I had only been vaguely aware of, 
and so as far as I'm concerned the MT examples are really hints about 
the fact that (I think) the entire TI RTOS is sitting inside the Energia 
runtime, and that may be relatively easy to use at some point.
   Vanilla sketches with the MSP432 seem to work fine and Energia ought 
to provide lots of fun for folks exploring their boards. But I'm popping 
my stack and going back to exploration of FreeRTOS via the 
mbed/export/gcc path.


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