[TriEmbed] MSP432 dev boards

Pete Soper pete at soper.us
Wed Apr 13 09:22:03 CDT 2016

If you'd like to work with those MSP432 dev boards that TI had on sale a 
while back, here's a cookbook that worked for me:

  1) Visit http://energia.nu (note: this isn't some weird, dangerous 
domain. It's an island that's making bucks by licensing its suffix)
  2) Download Energia 17 with your board unplugged
  3) Follow these directions once to get your USB driver sorted out:
      (If you've already set up for CCStudio this step is probably 
  4) Plug in your board, start energia, set board to msp432 and port to 
appropriate port
  5) Select an example program to build and run. The 
File/Examples/MultiTasking/MultiBlink is a fun one.
  6) Use the usual build/upload button.
  7) Congrats: you're using multitasking software on your MSP432 board!


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