[TriEmbed] NI-CD 1300mAh batteries

Carl Nobile carl.nobile at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 13:49:37 CDT 2015

Hi all,

I just came across a great deal on these batteries. They are SC 22.1mm X
42.8mm 1.2V 1300mAh without tabs

These are the batteries that are used in most of the battery packs for weed
wackers and other types of equipment. For example the Black & Decker 24V
battery pack and the All-Power 19.2V battery pack.

The cells are $0.40 ea, however the shipping is more than the batteries.
Listed below are three price ranges. I need about 40 cells myself.

100 cells for $1.04 ea
200 cells for $0.85 ea
1000 cells for $0.69 ea

The best price I could find in the states was over $2.50 per cell, so this
is really a great deal. They come in 100 unit lots, so I cannot buy 150. It
has to be either 100 or 200.

There are five different sizes for SC cells, the dimensions I gave above
are for the standard size and seems to be the most popular. Other sizes are
2/3SC, 4/5SC, 4/3/SC, and 2/3SC.

As I said I need about 40 cells, so if we can come up with 100 or better
yet 200 we could all save some money and fix our old weed wackers.


Carl J. Nobile (Software Engineer)
carl.nobile at gmail.com
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