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I recall you or Shane or Alan showing me some kind of serial monitor many moons ago. Some change log remarks suggest the author has done a ton of work on this. The need for a powered hub was disappointing, and this is the very definition of niche app, but I thought it was worth sharing.

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I have this installed on my Galaxy S3. I am pretty sure my USB port is hosed (unrelated to the app) so I have not been using it. The app links with Dropbox if you want it to, and when I was using it worked fairly well. I think Shane put me on to this. The dev did have some issues back in January Google changed their rules which forced him to include the entire sdk rather than side loading it (or something like that). Dude had to rewrite the code, and to get it accepted again had to change the name, which meant that you had to purchase the app again. 
TL:DR- used it, liked it, but developer may be milking it for cash. 


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I of course meant "Arduino Commander".



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