[TriEmbed] Embedded Dev Transistor Tips - Updated slides

Pete Soper pete at soper.us
Tue Aug 11 11:53:59 CDT 2015

The talks last night were fantastic. Sorry to be a bit abrupt near the 
end for the sake of saving a few minutes of the official time for the 
rest of the program. Some folks come a long way to get to meetings, have 
family and work obligations, etc, so we all should all keep the clock in 
mind. At the same time we of course want to avoid squelching questions 
and discussion. I think we're doing a good job as an audience, so 
congrats to everybody for another successful meeting.

The slides are up now on the archive page 
<http://triembed.org/blog/?page_id=62>. I'll try to get the video 
compressed and on YouTube by the weekend.

Finally, concerning the need for "hipot" testing of the separation of 
copper pours. When you design a board for fab by OSH Park 
<http://oshpark.com> you normally run their design rule checks and these 
checks will flag violations such as two pours or traces being too close 


On 8/11/2015 9:17 AM, Shane Trent via TriEmbed wrote:
> Hi Gang,
> Thanks for being such a great audience last night during my 
> presentation! The questions from the group were great and I enjoyed 
> the interaction. I recommend everyone pick a topic and share some 
> knowledge!
> I sent Pete updated slides for posting on TriEbed.org. The references 
> on the last slide have links to where I pulled most of the images. I 
> added a line about BJT's susceptibility to thermal runaway and the 
> MOSFET's resistance to thermal runaway. Google is your friend if you 
> want details.
> And I finally see why the I2C level converter must be connected as 
> shown in the diagram.
> https://cdn.sparkfun.com/assets/b/0/e/1/0/522637c6757b7f2b228b4568.png
> To work the device must reverse bias the body diode when both sides 
> are at their highest voltage. So the diode must point at the higher 
> voltage to be reverse biased. It is a very clever circuit.
> Please ping the group if you want a clarification on something or a 
> general question. Feel free to send me a private e-mail if you want to 
> ask a confidential project question.
> Shane
> -- 
> A blog about some of my projects. http://fettricks.blogspot.com/
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