[TriEmbed] Did anyone discuss M2M data plans?

Charles McClelland chip at mcclellands.org
Sun Nov 23 22:47:16 CST 2014


I fired up my IOT device and did a test to see how much data is used on the GPRS network when a data packet is sent.  

I sent data 51 times and used 215kb of data traffic according to my T-Mobile portal.   Here is the payload from one of those transmissions:
	- Traffic count - “10"
	- Location - "lat:35.89, lng:-78.81"
	- Battery - “4083"
	- Retries - “0”

Seems like a lot of overhead -  ~4kb to send about 28 bytes.  Here is what I can see in looking at the code:
	- There is a 64 bit API key
	- Then a 16 bit identifier for each data stream
	- There is also limited back and forth exchanging commands and result codes
	- Looking at T-Mobile’s numbers, it may be that they count their data in chunks and round up.  Kind of like billing a 30 second call as 1 minute.

I hope this helps with your planning.


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