[TriEmbed] Air Quality Sensor Project - Request for Comment

Charles McClelland chip at mcclellands.org
Sun Nov 16 13:19:14 CST 2014

To all, 

As part of the LinkIt ONE design challenge, I am building an Air Quality Board that will use GPRS to report various gas concentrations and give a rough - air quality index.  The board itself however uses only standard i2c so it should work with any controller - even the Raspberry Pi.

I am doing this in part to learn how to document and share the details of a project.  All software and hardware will be open source and I hope someone takes this work and enhances it.  

Blog Link Here <http://triembed.org/blog/?page_id=736>

I will be adding to the documentation over time (software and IOT stuff to come) but the board part is nearing completion and any input on my documentation or design would be appreciated.



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