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John Vaughters jvaughters04 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 30 10:17:22 CST 2014


My take on your problem is to interface your Arduino to a full blown OS preferably Linux. From there you can do whatever you can script and tools for what you are trying to accomplish are probably many at this point, although, I have not investigated it myself. Arduinos for me are a piece of hardware for collecting information and controlling devices, but the efforts use Arduinos for directly connecting to complex systems is a waste of time when you can use the well coded classes from many different platforms. Even if you use the newer html features from the Arduino to send the data, IMHO it should still be just to pass on to a richer environment for processing. That is all I have ever done using ScadaBR as a platform to communicate to Arduinos. I am not recommending ScadaBR per say, but it does the less complicated tasks that I am looking for. I think ScadaBR for your solution would not be very helpful. I would probably look at PHP or Python. R-Pi could
 fill that need quite nicely I imagine, but so could a linux server that may already be running in your house.

John Vaughters
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