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Pete Soper pete at soper.us
Fri Jan 17 10:01:46 CST 2014

Monday evening I shared a few details of my adventure with getting some 
OLED displays from iteadstudio.com and thought some folks may be 
interested to see below what you can get via email after putting a Hong 
Kong Post email label into the USPS system and signing up for 
notifications. Not clear whether this means I'll have the displays in 
the mailbox today or tomorrow, but the end of the tunnel might be in 
sight. :-)

Also, as a reminder of the wisdom of others at the meeting: Chinese New 
Year is February 1st this year and folks would do well to plan 
accordingly as the country effectively shuts down for a number of days 
to celebrate this holiday.

To recap:
   Bill Farrow shared details about the display at a meeting in early 
December, but they were listed as out of stock by then.
   I ordered a few displays soon after noticing iteadstudio listed them 
in stock again, on the 5th.
   A few days later iteadstudio wrote to say they were sorry, they 
hadn't actually shipped, but they would have them in stock 'soon'. 
Unfortunately that msg didn't come from an iteadstudio.com address and 
my mail cleanup filters tossed it, so no date.
   About the 18th I hadn't gotten a new shipping notice, so I pinged and 
was told in a roundabout way that had I polled their web site I would 
have seen the status change and know my displays had left their 
premises. However they never updated the shipping label on their web 
site. But as part of their slightly snitty reply they included the new 
   On December 20th HK Post showed that the package had gone bye bye 
from China.
   From shortly after this date until around January 12th the usps.com 
site showed an "origin post" status which I eventually decoded to mean 
"sitting in customs in Flushing New York." The displays were flushed 
from Flushing on the 13th and the rest is listed below.


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Subject: 	USPS Shipment Info for RT191395379HK
Date: 	Fri, 17 Jan 2014 09:32:06 -0600 (CST)
From: 	US_Postal_Service at usps.com

This is a post-only message. Please do not respond.

Peter Soper has requested that you receive a Track & Confirm update, as 
shown below.

Track & Confirm e-mail update information provided by the U.S. Postal 

Label Number: RT191395379HK

Service Type: Registered Mail^^(TM)

Shipment Activity 	Location 	Date & Time

Sorting Complete 	APEX, NC 27502 	January 17, 2014 10:18 am
Arrival at Unit 	APEX, NC 27502 	January 17, 2014 9:43 am
Depart USPS Sort Facility 	FLUSHING, NY 11351 	January 13, 2014
Processed through USPS Sort Facility 	FLUSHING, NY 11351 	January 12, 
2014 10:52 am
Origin Post is Preparing Shipment 	

Reminder: Track & Confirm by email

Date of email request: January 4, 2014

Future activity will continue to be emailed for up to 2 weeks from the 
Date of Request shown above. If you need to initiate the Track & Confirm 
by email process again at the end of the 2 weeks, please do so at the 
USPS Track & Confirm web site at 

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