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Fred Ebeling FEbeling at ECPDesigns.com
Mon Apr 21 11:25:53 CDT 2014

I have found that wiring the LED to ground with the resistor
to the plus voltage source is better in that it will survive
a accidental short of the LED to Ground.  Common short
is caused by ground clip of scope flying around.

Fred Ebeling
ECP Designs

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Looking at various projects for the Raspberry Pi I see LEDs wired with the 
resistor between the GPIO and the LED anode and the cathode to ground, and I 
see it wired with the resistor between the cathode and ground.  The first 
seems better (based upon what I'm learning from all of you), so I wonder 
when is it better to connect the LED in the second manner, i.e. 

Brian Grawburg

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