[TriEmbed] Meeting @ Raleigh Hamfest this Saturday

Pete Soper pete at soper.us
Thu Apr 17 11:31:48 CDT 2014

In lieu of a meeting at Splatspace this month there will be a meeting of 
TriEmbed at the Raleigh Amateur Radio Society Hamfest (RARSFest 
<http://rars.org/rarsfest/>) in the Jim Graham building at the NC 
Fairgrounds this Saturday. Unfortunately it costs $10 to get into the 
hamfest, but for embedded development enthusiasts its worth it to meet 
fellow enthusiasts and oggle and/or buy part of the fractional acres of 
gizmos, gadgets and components (plus some distracting radio equipment, 
but just look the other way).

Scott Hall is in charge of the official TriEmbed table and it will be 
along side tables for Splatspace <http://splatspace.org> and TriLUG 
<http://trilug.org> (Triangle Linux Users Group). He set up a Meetup 
Ignore the 7am to 5pm times on this page: The doors open for regular 
attendees at 8am and the place begins to wind down quickly by 2pm.

Unless they're sold out before dawn that morning Jon Wolfe and I intend 
to get two tables to sell stuff and act as a defacto secondary TriEmbed 
site. We'll try to be close to Scott's tables. Jon will have some of his 
Anibit products on display while I attempt to get rid of my remaining 
amateur radio-related components. Jon and I will both be demonstrating 
various things.

The best way to get to the 'Fest is as follows:
    Consult this map: http://goo.gl/maps/KhJ0a

The Graham building is the big rectangle to the lower-left of the 
fish-like roof. It's the largest building closest to the corner of 
Hillsborough and Youth Center Drive. The easy way to get to the 'Fest is 
to make the turn onto Youth Center and then take a right through the 
gates and double back to the parking that is SW of the Graham building 
and then walk up the hill. The tickets are sold on the far side of the 


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