[TriEmbed] new student representatives and a project volunteer

Pete Soper pete at soper.us
Thu Apr 17 09:34:35 CDT 2014

Please join me in thanking Charles ("Charlie") West for serving as 
principal NCSU representative to TriEmbed meetings during the past year. 
Charlie has been very supportive of this group as it gets established 
with the NCSU meetings and we wish him luck with his internship in Virginia.

And please join me in welcoming Gayathri Jegan Mohan as the new 
principal NC State student representative to TriEmbed meetings. Gayathri 
is an ECE graduate student focusing on embedded development. If you were 
at Monday's meeting you saw her on the left (north?) side of the room.

Also, the following students have volunteered to be representatives and 
will be "on duty" when Gayathri cannot attend a meeting in coming months:

   Sai Saketh Divvela <sdivvel at ncsu.edu>
   Josh Giron              <Josh at penesec.com>
   Kaushik Tadikonda <kaushikgig at gmail.com>

Sai and Josh will also be involved with internships during the summer so 
there is plenty of room for additional help. If you would like to be 
added to the list of contingent reps please send me your name and email 

Also, /Gayathri is eager to contribute to projects that TriEmbedders are 
engaging in/ during coming months. If you would like to help Gayathri 
enhance her resume feel free to contact her at her email address above.


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