[TriEmbed] April 14th Meeting reminder: 7pm @ NCSU

Pete Soper pete at soper.us
Tue Apr 8 16:13:04 CDT 2014

The next Triangle Embedded computing interest group meeting will be this 
Monday evening at 7pm at NCSU Centennial Campus Engineering Building II 
(TWO), room 1021 at 890 Oval Drive, Raleigh. Map: 
http://goo.gl/maps/wDiyI. All parking is free during the meeting time. 
There are spaces in front of bldg II and a parking deck on Partners Way 
a bit uphill and north of Varsity drive.

This meeting will focus on getting started with microcontrollers, but 
intermediate and advanced topics will get plenty of air time too. If 
you'd like to make a short presentation just bring a laptop and expect 
to get some time to share. If you can implement some of the demos at the 
websites below, that would be well received. Amongst others there will 
for sure be a short demonstration of a development environment that's a 
little different from the typical Arduino IDE scheme.

Terry King shared his web resources thusly (thanks, Terry!):

"Re: Arduino, please feel free to use any material from
http://ArduinoInfo.Info  <http://arduinoinfo.info/>   Maybe:

http://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/ArduinoHardware  "

As usual there will be how-tos, show and tells and discussion. Bring 
your gadgets, questions, and topics to share.

The following Saturday is the Raleigh Amateur Radio Society hamfest at 
the NC fairgrounds. Scott Hall will have a table there as a gathering 
place and some of the rest of us will be nearby with tables to get rid 
of our 20 year HF radio contesting hobby or the like if there are any 
tables left. Details of the hamfest are here 
<http://rars.org/rarsfest/>. It isn't clear whether there will be a 
meeting at Splatspace this month.

Meeting details also at http://triembed.org/#NCSUMeeting

Also, there has been discussion about the dividing lines between 
commercial and non-commercial activities vis a vis TrieEmbed meeting @ 
NCSU. I got word back from somebody at NCSU some weeks ago about have 
been slow to relate it. I will eventually do this if the tax return and 
six other deadlines don't cause me to implode between now and the 
meeting. Bottom line: do not advertise business products or services at 
meetings and do not buy/sell stuff at NCSU. News at 11 (no, make that 
the 14th).


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