[TriEmbed] decent nRF24L01+ library code out there?

Terry King terry at terryking.us
Mon Apr 7 17:38:11 CDT 2014

Hi Pete,

I'd love to put up any code/library and suggestions you have for the
Arduino community.  This is a VERY popular subject. The page:
has had 4773 views in the first 7 DAYS of April, and 70440 in 2014
and (checking) 159986 in 2013.

This is NOT a brag.. those are people who want to successfully use
nRF24L01 based radios because of their low cost and high functionality. I
want to help them and I want to update and add to the information there on

Pete, let me know if you need some hardware to test with.

Regards, Terry King  ...In The Woods In Vermont
terry at yourduino.com

---------------------( COPY )---------------------
>    Thanks for the pointers.
>     Unfortunately how-tos and the like have not been the limiting factor
> and the Maniacbug library is the first one I tried. It's the one that
> nearly shocked my shorts off when it reported received packets when my
> other radio was not powered up and I confirmed there was NOTHING
> transmitting in that part of the 2.4ghz. Before this is done I'll be
> submitting patches for these libraries so they can discriminate the most
> basic fault conditions. Surely this is critically important to
> beginners. It's got to be a worse case screwup to have code so totally
> bogus that it can't tell the difference between a nonfunctional
> interface or a perfect lack of communication and expected communication.
>    I've been looking at the Nordic Semi code that can be downloaded.
> Ugly proprietary notices and not much info, but maybe they won't sue me
> if I look at their code and datasheet as I write my own library code.
> Regards,
> Pete
> On 04/07/2014 05:38 PM, Terry King wrote:
>> Hi, Lots of info here:
>> http://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/Nrf24L01-2.4GHz-HowTo
>> And there is another library by Maniacbug that most people use.
>> Examples here:
>> http://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/nRF24L01-RF24-Examples
>> Regards, Terry King
>> ...In The Woods in Vermont, USA
>> terry at yourduino.com
>>> Anybody using this 2.4ghz radio chip? I just got to the bottom of why
>>> the library code I've been trying to use is hallucinating packet
>>> reception and have to say I'm pretty disappointed in the quality of it
>>> (the "Mirf" library mentioned at arduino.cc).  Reading an entire eight
>>> bit status register and keying off any bit in the byte being nonzero to
>>> determine completion of a specific operation would be shocking if it
>>> wasn't so brain dead that shocking would be a relative complement.
>>> What are you guys using?
>>> -Pete
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Regards, Terry King
...In the Woods in Vermont USA
terry at terryking.us

-The One who Dies with the most Parts LOSES. What do you need??

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