[TriEmbed] One final question regarding my solenoid project

Lucas Rumney lrrumney at ncsu.edu
Sun Nov 3 07:53:05 CST 2013

I am sorry to email the group yet again for the same project, but I have
been doing research and I wanted to know if there would be any issues with
using these parts together, and if they could be put together into a
circuit that would actually protect the pi, and control the solenoid with
the pi (I am a real noob at this, but I don't intend to be for long)?

would this optoisolated relay board cover all of the parts I need, and be
in the correct range (safe fore the raspberry pi, and also usable with the
solenoid linked later in the email?)


I have read up on the relay board, but I don't understand all of the stats,
and I dont want an imcompatability to ruin my pi.

Thank you guys for being so helpful, I've been trying to get this done in
between work and school.

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