[TriEmbed] hopefully close to the end of administrivia email

Pete Soper pete at soper.us
Mon Jun 3 19:32:45 CDT 2013

I switched the list to regular (unmoderated) mode, but there will still 
be moderation for these situations:
    1) Subscription. New folks will get an email that must be acted on 
to confirm the person intended to subscribe, then the subscription will 
wait for approval by a list moderator.
    2) An un-subscribed person who tries to send a msg will have to wait 
for moderation. If it's somebody totally cool like Don Lancaster, I 
suggest we allow the msg and consider using the feature that allows that 
person to post from that point on. The more likely scenario is where 
somebody we know is obviously using their "other" email address. But for 
the majority of cases the person trying to post a msg will get a simple 
reply saying they have to subscribe.)
    3) A too-large msg. We'll deal with these on a case by case basis, 
but the days of three lines of new content and 3000 lines of copied text 
are over. But hopefully the archive interface will prove to make the 
"oh, but I want every single thing in the latest email" desire less 
urgent. (See link below, which by the way is at the end of every msg 
sent to the list, for a pointer to the archives.)

There are children on this list and we'll be making a best effort to 
avoid unpleasant content while trying to avoid the equally unpleasant 
"moderate every message" setting. But the volume of this list is low 
enough that I don't think we have to sweat this too much no matter which 
way it goes.

Everybody that had "digest" set has that in the new list now, but there 
is no corresponding "abridged" mode.  The few people that had "nomail" 
set have had this reset, because for reasons I still don't completely 
understand this was the default for newly subscribed folks on the old 
group, and I decided to err on the side of "folks can turn it off one 
more time and lurk on the archives, vs wondering why they get no mail."

I put a notice into the old Google Group info page pointing to the 
TriEmbed list info page 
<http://mail.triembed.org/mailman/listinfo/triembed_triembed.org> (which 
folks should probably bookmark), and this will appear as a footer to any 
messages posted, but otherwise the group is as it was. Suggestions about 
how to close down the group, how fast, etc would be appreciated.  Note 
the email archive hasn't been extracted yet (see below).

I'm losing track, but I want to remind folks that they will get a 
reminder from the list once a month about their subscription, including 
a password reminder. IMO this is can be a wonderful feature if you 
haven't wrestled the password problem to the ground yet. :-) But you can 
disable the reminders if you want to.

My plan was to arrange for there to be a temporary web page at 
http://TriEmbed.org, and actually there is one, but a technical glitch 
is preventing ftp access to that page. (Again, I'm not able to host more 
than a few kb of web content, and most especially not anything clever 
involving server-side magic, etc). I have a ticket in about this and 
hope to have it fixed shortly.  In the meantime, if Shannon and/or Ron 
would like to create a .html file I can copy that in place. Something 
modeled after the current Google Group info page would be a good start, IMO.

I've also asked for specifics for enabling others to renew the domain 
registration in case I fall off the planet. Hopefully it just comes down 
to getting a legal document to the ISP and some mechanism for expanding 
the renewal reminders. And I'll have a semi-automatic backup scheme set 
up pretty soon so config, subscriber lists, and archives can't easily 
get lost.

Speaking of archives, it appears to be non-trivial to get the email out 
of a Google Group archive or I would have this set up already. By 
non-triviall I mean requiring a custom/goofus technical solution (e.g. 
*shudder*, screen scraping). Or at least that was my conclusion after 
searching for what I thought would be a trivial cookbook. If/when the 
existing mail can be pulled off I'm confident it can be properly 
formatted and insinuated into the new list's archive. Anybody with 
expertise in this area could be mighty helpful.

OK, over and out for now.


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