7/27/2022 Quercus virtual project meeting agenda

Order of business:

1. Intro - Discussion of issues will be brief to identify next steps and ask for volunteers>
2. Amendments to agenda>
3. Five minute break at 8pm, 8:45-9+pm for general discussion.

Issues can be found in the repos here


doc #4 Need a meetings czar
tests #1 Should all test plans live in this repo?
doc #1 Quercus User Manual and Orientation Guide (2 docs)
doc #5 Time to make a project plan
doc #3 que_* repos now seem very stupid. Let's have a single Quercus repo with que_* stuff at lower levels.
green #1 Should we delete this repo?
tools #2 Test plan needed
ant #3 Test plan needed
purple #3 Need a test plan
aardvark #1 A test plan is needed
white #1 This repo needs to be populated with docs
tools #1 7/18/22 installit change bundle
aardvark #2 Need to program FPGA EEPROM, not just RAM
ant #2 Support for application code
doc #2 Network-centric operation of Quercus
ant #1 Enable micro DNS support
ant #4 Change to main/Kconfig.project and components/apsta/Kconfig.projbuild with tools issue #1 changes
tools #3 Consider making esp-idf clone/prep separate from -targetdirs dirs
purple #2 Change reset and boot switches
breakouts #1 This repo should be in a hardware subdirectory in a single quercus repo